Big Data for Security & Investigations

There are more devices connected to the internet than people in the world. The amount of electronic data stored on corporate, government and individual devices, servers and networks is estimated to be over 500 times what is connected to the public internet. The bottom line: so-called “Big Data” challenges and opportunities are bigger and more complex than many think and are only becoming more so.

As our clients create, mine and seek to utilize exabytes of information for private sector and governmental purposes, VRI combines its core capabilities protecting lives, assets and reputations with established and cutting edge technology solutions that find, manage, and evidence answers from vast and contained repositories of 1’s and 0s.

Our core practices in computer forensics and e-discovery incorporate proven tools, technologies and methods to pinpoint and produce what’s relevant to attorneys, investigators and law enforcement in both small and large datasets.

Our ”Tracks Inspector” solution, developed by the forensic and cybersecurity experts at Fox-IT, places “Digital Evidence in the Hands of Detectives” and enables police and prosecutors to validate, verify, enrich and better manage forensic evidence with data and analytics provided by Lexis-Nexis.

Our work with Intrado’s “Beware” product delivers situational awareness information and insight to police officers in the field to improve their safety and effectiveness.

Whether maximizing the promise and practicality of Big Data for investigative, security and/or emergency response purposes, VRI works to ensure that clients maximize not only what Big Data technology can do, but how it serves core operations and helps achieve measurable results.

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