Law Enforcement Education & Advocacy

Law enforcement is a dangerous and demanding profession. For most it is as much a calling as a job, with daily work very different from what is commonly portrayed in popular media – in some ways more exciting (i.e “you just can’t make this stuff up”), in others as mundane as any vocation that requires extraordinary time, effort and strict adherence to policies, procedures and protocols.

VRI advocates for the safety, morale, integrity and welfare of those who serve.

Our Chairman Howard Safir’s work on the IACP Foundation’s Board of Directors supports injured and fallen officers and their families, protects the safety of officers, and supports the goals and programs of IACP.

Our production of the Badge radio show and our Chairman’s frequent appearances on news and talks shows, editorial columns, and blogs inform the public about the realities of the profession.

Our Analyst for Hire Program (Vigilant Analytics) recruits, trains, vets, deploys and manages crime & intelligence analysis professionals for police departments, fusion centers and private sector organizations.

For more information about VRI’s initiative educating the public about law enforcement, please call our New York Office at 212-537-5048 or email us at