Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

VRI’s Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments focus on safety and value and address a full spectrum of physical security, integrity, intellectual property and other operational risks.

We hand select elite public safety and security experts for each assignment and are not affiliated with any particular security products. This empowers us to customize each assessment program for the client’s particular needs and to objectively, comprehensively and timely complete assessments and implement security action plans that protect lives, assets and reputations practically, nimbly and cost-effectively.

We provide our findings and prioritized recommendations as actionable “blueprints” for what should promptly and continuously be addressed to drive the best outcomes in risk management, crisis prevention and mitigation for each facility assessed.

Our findings, recommendations and plans comport with applicable regulatory requirements and present industry best practices that are custom-tailored to the unique organizational structure, culture, profile and operations of each client.