Vigilant Resources International, Fox-IT and LexisNexis® Partner to Accelerate the Analysis of Digital Forensic Evidence

NEW YORK, NY –October 23, 2013–Vigilant Resources International (VRI), Fox-IT and LexisNexis® Risk Solutions today announced a joint alliance to further develop and deliver Fox-IT’s Tracks Inspector solution in concert with LexisNexis’s public records platform, Accurint® for Law Enforcement. VRI will serve as the exclusive distributor of the Tracks Inspector solution in the United States and Canada.

Every day that a mobile device or computer sits in a police department’s backlog waiting to be processed is one that a criminal remains on the street. Tracks Inspector, a collaborative, web-based platform enables detectives to quickly process and extract valuable information from mobile devices and computers without having to wait for the digital experts in the forensic lab, resulting in quicker and more effective prosecutions.

“The information on seized phones, tablets and computers is highly relevant to investigators, prosecutors and crime analysts,” said Haywood J. Talcove, chief executive officer, Government, LexisNexis. “Unlocking this evidence from current backlogs and empowering non-technical detectives and federal agents to view it with our identity, location and relationship data creates a very powerful tool to solve and prosecute crimes.”

A police force in Belgium recently found that in less than two weeks, four criminal cases with twelve containers of digital evidence were investigated, analyzed and processed by detectives using Tracks Inspector. This task normally takes the police investigators several months.

“There are more devices connected to the Internet in the United States than there are people,” commented Howard Safir, VRI’s Chairman and CEO (former Police Commissioner, New York City). “As criminals continue to utilize these devices to commit both major and minor crimes, police departments need tools like Tracks Inspector to keep up with the demands of prosecuting offenders and to strategically develop this information into intelligence that prevents and solves crimes.”

Tracks Inspector Program Manager, Hans Henseler, founder of the Computer Forensics section of the Netherlands Forensic Institute commented, “The core idea is to have detectives who best know the case sort through the evidence themselves and enable mobile and computer forensic experts to work on what they know and do best. We are confident that VRI and LexisNexis will deliver a solution that builds on this core principle and helps departments and agencies throughout the United States and Canada better use seized devices to reduce crime.”

If you are interested in more information, visit LexisNexis in booth #1325 during IACP for an introduction and demonstration.

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