Wall Street Journal Publishes VRI Chairman and CEO Howard Safir’s Opinion on Lessons for Law Enforcement From Baltimore

In opining that “Justice must trump politics”, Commissioner Safir sets forth that “Despite recent headlines, cities are no longer in crisis from out-of-control-crime.” and that “This isn’t the time to abandon the tactics that have served so well. But it is time to modify them. This includes “Assertive policing”, “constitutionally compliant stop-and-frisk”, use of technology such as predictive policing software, body cameras and license plate readers to bring “capability and accountability” and “continuing to interrupt the sale of illegal guns, drugs and gang activity—responsible for 80% of crime in this country.”

Commissioner Safir further states that “policing is a calling” where the “men and women who police this country put their lives on the line every day”.

The opinion piece is available online by clicking here: Policing in the Aftermath of Baltimore’s Bungles or page A15 of the May 7th print edition of the Wall Street Journal.