Who We Are

Vigilant Resources International (VRI) is led by the Safir family.

Howard Safir is Chairman and CEO of VRI. Commissioner Safir’s ability to deliver results and value to clients has been earned over a public and private sector career including successful experience as Police Commissioner of New York City, Director of Operations for the United States Marshals Service, Assistant Director of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Fire Commissioner of New York City, Chairman and CEO of leading DNA forensics laboratory Bode Technology Group, consultant to the Chairman of ChoicePoint, member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and Board Member of Lexis-Nexis Special Solutions, Verint Systems and Implant Sciences Corporation.

Adam Safir is President of VRI. Mr. Safir’s ability to deliver results and value to clients is based on over a decade of experience in the security, investigative and forensic industries in both project management and executive leadership roles. In this regard Mr. Safir has helped corporations, governments, individuals and non-profits throughout the world protect lives, assets and reputations in both normal and extraordinary operational environments and circumstances. A lawyer and banker by training, Mr. Safir has spearheaded multiple mergers & acquisitions in the security, investigative and forensic industries and oversees VRI’s core operations of delivering services and technology to clientele.

Jennifer Safir is Managing Director of VRI’s Washington office, including both its corporate and federal government practices. Ms. Safir’s ability to deliver results and value to clients is based on 17 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) introducing creative and innovative approaches to produce results, convictions and disruptions while maintaining safe practices and integrity. Prior to opening the Washington DC office, Ms. Safir was a senior member of the National Intellectual Property Rights Squad (Cyber Branch) and managed complex investigations involving Theft of Trade Secrets and participated in a National Initiative to combat counterfeit products that impact the health and safety of our citizens. Over the course of her career, Ms. Safir has served in the Counter Terrorism, Criminal, Counter Intelligence and Administrative Divisions, was a member of the Organized Crime, Violent Crime Major Offenders, and Joint Terrorism Task Forces and held the position of HUMINT Coordinator. She has considerable experience working with other Law Enforcement, Intelligence Community (IC) and private sector organizations.

The Mission & Core Values of Vigilant Resources International (VRI) are built on a foundation of delivering results, service and value to our clients

MISSION: To help clients protect lives, assets and reputations as effectively and efficiently as possible.



  • We agree on clear goals and objectives with our clients and diligently work to meet or exceed them
  • We do not overpromise


  • We return phone calls and emails promptly
  • We manage cases aggressively and carefully
  • We maintain long-term relationships
  • We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion


  • We set clear budgets and schedules
  • We work diligently to ensure the client earnest the highest possible Return on Investment in working with us